Winter Favorites

               Winter can be rough. With the cold, snow (depending on your location), flu going around, and general dreariness, it can be especially tough to stay healthy, happy, and focused. To help fight the blues we have compiled a few of our Winter favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Food and Drink

Nothing is better than a cup of hot tea on a cold day. A tea blend with turmeric and ginger has health benefits such as boosting your immunity and fighting inflammation. We like the Mate Factor Functional herb blend tea, or you can make your own.

Here is a recipe for flu-fighting tummy-warming detox tea:

In a small pot bring 2 cups of water to a gentle boil.

Turn off heat and add 1 small nub of ginger cut into a few pieces

Add 1 small nub of turmeric cut into a few pieces

Add a pinch of black pepper

Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon (1/2 lemon if you prefer it less acidic)

Stir in 1 heaping spoonful of honey, agave, or maple syrup

Let mixture sit for a few minutes, and ENJOY!


Food prep is a lifesaver when you don’t want to spend the few daylight hours you have cooking. All you need is freezer bags and a few ingredients. Do you ever have leftover veggie stir-fry or maybe a half jar of salsa that has been in the fridge for a few days and is inevitably going to go bad? Every so often do a “fridge cleanout” of foods that are still good, but might not get finished before they go bad. Combine into a freezer bag with some fresh or frozen veggies and voila! Pre-made soup mix!


Winter Activities

It is easy to get bored fast if you are cooped up all day. Try looking at it as an opportunity to unwind, instead of stressing on all the things you can do because of the weather.

Here are a few ideas:

Write a postcard to a friend. We rarely get anything other than bills in the mail these days and I am sure whoever receives it will be pleasantly surprised. Its cheap, only takes a minute, and will instantly boost your mood!

Color. Yes, like you used to. Adult coloring books are huge right now, with intricate fun designs. It has been proven to help destress the overworked mind. If you have kids, color with them!

Borrow a book from the library. Most public libraries have digital collections where you can rent Ebooks or audiobooks to download on your Kindle or smartphone. And its free!




Going to the gym in the middle of a storm is not most peoples idea of a good time. For those days you just don’t want to leave the house there are other options.


Jumping rope! Its so easy, improves hand-eye coordination, and will get your heart racing

Do a body weight circuit- 20 crunches, 25 arm circles, 15 jumping jacks, and 1 minute planks. Repeat 3 times.

Try a workout routine on Youtube. Almost like having your own personal trainer whenever you need it.

Our favorite channels:


XHIT Daily

Yoga with Kassandra


Hope you enjoyed these tips! Let us know what keeps you sane when the weather is bad.